The new Trampoline

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Today, my new trampoline, which I’m a bit stoked about!

My daughter is 4 years old, so after seeing how she loves jumping on the trampoline whenever we go to a couple of our friends houses, we decided to buy her a small trampoline that would last her for at least a couple years. Our backyard isn’t very big (the lot we live on is about .2 acres), so we didn’t want a full size tramp to go on our small lawn in the back. We decided on the following trampoline in this video, which we found on Amazon. Note: This is not for adults to jump on, or at least the safety notes tell us that it’s smart for anyone over 80 lbs to not jump on it…

I’m not saying that I don’t step in this and play with my daughter a bit, but it’s surely not designed for that. Most of the time, I climb in with a broom just to clean all the leaves and other things that make it inside the safety enclosure. I weigh a good 140, my daughter goes about 45, so clearly it’s not meant for me.

The good and the bad of this tramp:

Good – It was incredibly easy to set up. The set up instructions said it should take two people to set it up, but I was able to put it together pretty easily without the help of anyone else. I did mess up a couple of times, but all told, this took me a little less than one hour to construct. Also, it’s very secure, and there appears to be absolutely nothing that could hurt a child when they are jumping on this. Just make sure that you back it at least 3-4 feet away from a fence if you have one, because of the give in the safety net.

Bad – This is a bit nitpicky, but I see the bad of this being that the poles of the tramp can be taken out a little easier than I would like them to be. The foam could be a little heavier, and slips around on the poles. But like I said, this is a little nitpicky.

I would highly recommend this trampoline to anyone looking for something a little smaller, as this is just for kids.

If you’re looking for something that adults and kids can jump on at the same time, or for something with a higher weight limit, go with the 10-14 foot options, but Skywalker trampolines are highly recommended.

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