Choosing a Multi-Tool

I’m looking to buy a new Multi-Tool, and for many reasons, there’s so many different brands and varieties to choose from.

Gerber, SOG, Swiss Tools, and of course Leatherman make fabulous multi-tools, and every brand have have more than a few versions to choose from. Because of all of the options, it really depends on your personal preference when choosing something like a multi-tool.

Personally, I have never owned anything but a Leatherman, but I’ve seen some pretty sweet Gerbers, and a SOG that I really liked, but I didn’t have much time to use or get used to it.

My one negative thing to say about Leatherman is that the metal clip attached to the actual tool is not very strong. Rather, if you are putting it in your pocket on a daily basis, you may be in danger of it falling out. This has happened to me in the past, most recently when I took a huge trash load in my Dad’s truck to the dump, and after returning home, found that the Leatherman was no longer in my pocket. Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough to use the belt loop that came with the Leatherman, but that’s my fault. My point – if I buy a Leatherman again, I will make sure that the clip is strong enough so that I actually have to give it some force to get it out of my pocket.

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