Travel reviews

Fortunately, I’m pretty fortunate. Yeah, that statement is pretty redundant, but I get to live a pretty good life because of some pretty good choices I made when I was a bit younger. Most of my good fortune is a result of hard work and a lot of luck. Mostly hard work, as I don’t see much happening without hard work. As one of my mentors, Gary Vaynerchuk, puts it, ‘I’m successful because I outwork people’. Pretty simple if you ask me, but not as simple as most people think.






Because of this hard work, I like to travel a lot. Yep, my passport is worn out!

As a result of this extensive travel, I’ve seen all of the airlines in action. Most of them are very good, there are some that I like to try and avoid if I can. For the most part, travel is a bit crapshoot and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about delays, weather, or mechanical failure.

Take this last weekend for example. I travelled from San Francisco to The Woodlands, Texas to visit my grandmother. She retired out to Texas back in 2011, and I like to visit her about once every 3-4 months. She’s 75, and needs a bit of help around the house, but mostly I visit to spend a ton of time with her and eat her amazing food!

When I visit my gammy, my best options to fly out of SF are Frontier, United, or US Airways. Each of them has their good and bad, but I’ve been leaning on either United or US Airways since Frontier has been nickle and diming me for about the last year and a half.

I understand that every business has to evolve and make money, but the nitpicky stuff that Frontier is doing is kinda ticking me off. I was talking to my limo driver from Limos of TheĀ Woodlands about it as well, and he’s heard so much griping from his passengers that he’s been recommending that most people fly different airlines.

To me, here’s the problem. What you are and are not paying for is not clear. Everyone advertises low fares, but normally you know exactly what you have to pay for when you log onto a website and buy a ticket. I don’t feel like Frontier has done a good enough job with this. When I spoke to my Gammy about it, she said that she was charged for a cup of coffee on a flight, when she’s never in her entire life had to do that before, and she’s been travelling for a very long time!

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