Restoring some peace in my world

I’ve been pretty busy for the past few months with a ton of work, and have also been building a business that my Mom and I are running selling clothing. This has been a dream of hers since I can remember, and she asked me to help, well, because I love shopping, buying, and wearing all different kinds of women’s clothes. Needless to say, this has taken up a ton of time setting up the product, thinking about how to market, and figure out a company name, which hasn’t been thought of as of yet.

In reviewing the past couple months of my life, I realize that I’ve done a lot more work in those couple of months than I have ever done before. I’ve travelled more, worked more hours, made more sacrifices, and generally lived a pretty driven day to day life. I guess I got a bit sick of the efficiency at which I was working, and all the excuses that I made. That’s never been me, and as I was falling into mediocrity, I knew that I had to make some changes.

First, I changed how I woke up in the morning. Instead of looking at my phone and searching all of the Facebook posts, looking at everything on Pinterest, and spending a lot of time doing things that I knew were unproductive, I immediately stopped that. Now, I wake up, make the bed, and make sure that everything is cleaned up before starting my day. Hopping into a shower use to be a long process, but I tell myself that I have about 5 minutes to do that now, and normally the shower is done in about 3 minutes (I do take a longer shower once per week, to shave my legs and do the essentials of womanscaping). The biggest thing that changed was waking up a lot earlier, and going to bed a little earlier. Before I made some of these changes, I would stay up until about midnight, watching TV and generally not getting much done. Instead of staring at a television now, I read a book, whether it’s motivational, or just something to take my mind off the general stresses of the day. Watching TV is fine, but not for a couple hours a night because that’s been terribly unproductive.

I wasn’t working out much either. In all reality, I don’t like the gym much anymore, even though I use to enjoy going and hanging out on the treadmill. But I have forced myself to get back in the gym and get on the elliptical for at least 20 minutes a day for 3 days a week. I’ll do some weightlifting as well, but only with my trainer, who I can talk to about the various injuries I’ve had that limit me a bit. My Mom always has told me ‘Honey, you need to take some time for yourself’. I’m not good at that, or rather I didn’t always know how best to take care of myself. I’ve always been about looking at others, other things and looking at what I can do to help the people around me. I can still do that, but I have to put myself first from here on out.

As Mom and I delve further into this clothing business, my goal is to continue to progress working toward a better me, and I will succeed in that only if I stay driven and goal oriented.

That’s my current review of myself.