Weekend of fun

We had a weekend of fun in Houston this weekend. No, there was no Limo involved this time like many times in the past. And I don’t feel like I was taking crazy pills when one of my friends decided to throw up in the club bathroom at about 2am (I did feel like Will Ferrell for a second, but my friend just had way too much to drink). I hadn’t had a night out like that in a very long time, and don’t normally post about my galavanting around the clubs or bars because why the hell would you want to read about that on a review site, but I thought I would tell you about some fun things that I did.


We went into Sugarland, TX, and then into Houston to meet some friends for dinner at a nice steak joint called Del Frisco’s. I had been to Becks, and a couple other nice restaurants like this before. Rumor has it that some of the Houston athletes frequent Del Frisco’s, but we didn’t appear to see Dwight Howard, or any of the other famous ballplayers while we were out eating.

From there, we went out clubbing, because a few of my girlfriends love to dance. I’m not the biggest fan of the dance floor, but since it was Janie (my best friends) birthday, I had to partake and let go of some of the inhibitions that I have when I get on the dance floor. I’ve thought for years that the dance floor is just a place for men to hit on women, and grope them uninvited, but that’s neither here nor there when you’re with your friends and celebrating them.

Anyway, we spent about three hours dancing at a club called Fifth Amendment. Janie likes it there because it’s filled with good booty shaking music, and we didn’t want a crazy thug club scene, like you can readily find in Houston. There were many shots involved, but I quit drinking at around 11pm to sober up (I hate hangovers). At the end of the night, we didn’t have to take an Uber or Lyft because I had been sobering up since 11, and was fine to drive everyone home at around 3:30 am. Better me than some of my girlfriends who were so incredibly drunk that they couldn’t see or speak straight.

All in all, this was a fun night, and something that I hadn’t done in a very long time. All in Janie’s name, which will happen again next year on November 1st.