Weekend of fun

We had a weekend of fun in Houston this weekend. No, there was no Limo involved this time like many times in the past. And I don’t feel like I was taking crazy pills when one of my friends decided to throw up in the club bathroom at about 2am (I did feel like Will Ferrell for a second, but my friend just had way too much to drink). I hadn’t had a night out like that in a very long time, and don’t normally post about my galavanting around the clubs or bars because why the hell would you want to read about that on a review site, but I thought I would tell you about some fun things that I did.


We went into Sugarland, TX, and then into Houston to meet some friends for dinner at a nice steak joint called Del Frisco’s. I had been to Becks, and a couple other nice restaurants like this before. Rumor has it that some of the Houston athletes frequent Del Frisco’s, but we didn’t appear to see Dwight Howard, or any of the other famous ballplayers while we were out eating.

From there, we went out clubbing, because a few of my girlfriends love to dance. I’m not the biggest fan of the dance floor, but since it was Janie (my best friends) birthday, I had to partake and let go of some of the inhibitions that I have when I get on the dance floor. I’ve thought for years that the dance floor is just a place for men to hit on women, and grope them uninvited, but that’s neither here nor there when you’re with your friends and celebrating them.

Anyway, we spent about three hours dancing at a club called Fifth Amendment. Janie likes it there because it’s filled with good booty shaking music, and we didn’t want a crazy thug club scene, like you can readily find in Houston. There were many shots involved, but I quit drinking at around 11pm to sober up (I hate hangovers). At the end of the night, we didn’t have to take an Uber or Lyft because I had been sobering up since 11, and was fine to drive everyone home at around 3:30 am. Better me than some of my girlfriends who were so incredibly drunk that they couldn’t see or speak straight.

All in all, this was a fun night, and something that I hadn’t done in a very long time. All in Janie’s name, which will happen again next year on November 1st.


Brands of fitness shoes

When it comes to shoe shopping, I like to consider myself a bit of an expert. My Mom would say the same thing. I have two closets full of shoes, from high heels to flats to fitness shoes. I could probably spend a full day discussing what my favorite brand of shoe is, but that would really depend on what kind of shoe I was looking to wear. For the sake of not making this a 3000 word post, I’m going to discuss my favorite fitness shoes.

I like to work out. A lot. It’s become more important to me since my Uncle Buster had a heart attack this past month. Buster’s (his real name is Claude) doctors told him that had he not been in such good shape, he would have not made it. Buster is a recently retired ER surgeon, and has been working out religiously every day for the last 30 years. When I say ‘work out’, I don’t mean to say that he goes to a gym every day, but he sees to it that he at least takes a long 30 minute walk daily. He eats right also, which helped him through the heart attack because even though some plaque slipped and blocked an artery, the rest of his heart was in good enough shape to keep pumping through the massive heart attack.

I didn’t use to be such a workout buff, but I’ve been working out at least 2-3 times per week for the past 2 years. Now that Buster’s heart attack has kicked my hynie into shape, I’ll be trying to get to the gym at least 5 times a week, and doing some things to stay in shape when I’m home.

Okay, now onto my fitness shoe review. First, I must say that I formerly worked out in high top Converse shoes, which didn’t really lend much support to my ankles or my feet. Since I’ve been going to the gym more, and running outside, I need more support throughout my entire foot. Since I love shoes, I decided to spend about $300 on three pairs of shoes about a month ago, and my results are below:

-I bought a pair of Nike Lunarglides to strictly run in. When I reviewed them online before I bought them, I found that most people thought they were the best running shoe for women because they were very light and still had some cushioning support for your foot. The only thing I don’t really like about them is they are a little light on the cushion around my ankles, and I initially got a blister on my right ankle (that has since gone away). Now that I have broken them in, they are really great for running either outside or on the treadmill.

-I bought a pair of New Balance Vazee Pace shoes to take the gym and do all my other working out in when I’m not strictly running. I really like these shoes because they have a bit more cushioning around the ankles, and they seem to be a better fit for my feet (I have a pretty normal foot).  These have very little wear on them currently because I’m strictly using them at the gym . I like these a little better than the Nikes.

-Lastly, I bought a pair of Asics GT – 1000 4PR. I really bought these because they are a pink shoe that was made to benefit cancer research. With every pair sold, Asics gives $10 to cancer research. The shoes themselves are very comfortable, and I’ve been swapping them out with my Nike’s when I run.

If you like women’s shoes and you want some recommendations on them, give me a shout at restoreequality2010@gmail.com.

Until next time, I hope you enjoy working out, hopefully in some new shoes that I’ve recommended above!

Restoring some peace in my world

I’ve been pretty busy for the past few months with a ton of work, and have also been building a business that my Mom and I are running selling clothing. This has been a dream of hers since I can remember, and she asked me to help, well, because I love shopping, buying, and wearing all different kinds of women’s clothes. Needless to say, this has taken up a ton of time setting up the product, thinking about how to market, and figure out a company name, which hasn’t been thought of as of yet.

In reviewing the past couple months of my life, I realize that I’ve done a lot more work in those couple of months than I have ever done before. I’ve travelled more, worked more hours, made more sacrifices, and generally lived a pretty driven day to day life. I guess I got a bit sick of the efficiency at which I was working, and all the excuses that I made. That’s never been me, and as I was falling into mediocrity, I knew that I had to make some changes.

First, I changed how I woke up in the morning. Instead of looking at my phone and searching all of the Facebook posts, looking at everything on Pinterest, and spending a lot of time doing things that I knew were unproductive, I immediately stopped that. Now, I wake up, make the bed, and make sure that everything is cleaned up before starting my day. Hopping into a shower use to be a long process, but I tell myself that I have about 5 minutes to do that now, and normally the shower is done in about 3 minutes (I do take a longer shower once per week, to shave my legs and do the essentials of womanscaping). The biggest thing that changed was waking up a lot earlier, and going to bed a little earlier. Before I made some of these changes, I would stay up until about midnight, watching TV and generally not getting much done. Instead of staring at a television now, I read a book, whether it’s motivational, or just something to take my mind off the general stresses of the day. Watching TV is fine, but not for a couple hours a night because that’s been terribly unproductive.

I wasn’t working out much either. In all reality, I don’t like the gym much anymore, even though I use to enjoy going and hanging out on the treadmill. But I have forced myself to get back in the gym and get on the elliptical for at least 20 minutes a day for 3 days a week. I’ll do some weightlifting as well, but only with my trainer, who I can talk to about the various injuries I’ve had that limit me a bit. My Mom always has told me ‘Honey, you need to take some time for yourself’. I’m not good at that, or rather I didn’t always know how best to take care of myself. I’ve always been about looking at others, other things and looking at what I can do to help the people around me. I can still do that, but I have to put myself first from here on out.

As Mom and I delve further into this clothing business, my goal is to continue to progress working toward a better me, and I will succeed in that only if I stay driven and goal oriented.

That’s my current review of myself.

Travel reviews

Fortunately, I’m pretty fortunate. Yeah, that statement is pretty redundant, but I get to live a pretty good life because of some pretty good choices I made when I was a bit younger. Most of my good fortune is a result of hard work and a lot of luck. Mostly hard work, as I don’t see much happening without hard work. As one of my mentors, Gary Vaynerchuk, puts it, ‘I’m successful because I outwork people’. Pretty simple if you ask me, but not as simple as most people think.






Because of this hard work, I like to travel a lot. Yep, my passport is worn out!

As a result of this extensive travel, I’ve seen all of the airlines in action. Most of them are very good, there are some that I like to try and avoid if I can. For the most part, travel is a bit crapshoot and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about delays, weather, or mechanical failure.

Take this last weekend for example. I travelled from San Francisco to The Woodlands, Texas to visit my grandmother. She retired out to Texas back in 2011, and I like to visit her about once every 3-4 months. She’s 75, and needs a bit of help around the house, but mostly I visit to spend a ton of time with her and eat her amazing food!

When I visit my gammy, my best options to fly out of SF are Frontier, United, or US Airways. Each of them has their good and bad, but I’ve been leaning on either United or US Airways since Frontier has been nickle and diming me for about the last year and a half.

I understand that every business has to evolve and make money, but the nitpicky stuff that Frontier is doing is kinda ticking me off. I was talking to my limo driver from Limos of The Woodlands about it as well, and he’s heard so much griping from his passengers that he’s been recommending that most people fly different airlines.

To me, here’s the problem. What you are and are not paying for is not clear. Everyone advertises low fares, but normally you know exactly what you have to pay for when you log onto a website and buy a ticket. I don’t feel like Frontier has done a good enough job with this. When I spoke to my Gammy about it, she said that she was charged for a cup of coffee on a flight, when she’s never in her entire life had to do that before, and she’s been travelling for a very long time!

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Choosing a Multi-Tool

I’m looking to buy a new Multi-Tool, and for many reasons, there’s so many different brands and varieties to choose from.

Gerber, SOG, Swiss Tools, and of course Leatherman make fabulous multi-tools, and every brand have have more than a few versions to choose from. Because of all of the options, it really depends on your personal preference when choosing something like a multi-tool.

Personally, I have never owned anything but a Leatherman, but I’ve seen some pretty sweet Gerbers, and a SOG that I really liked, but I didn’t have much time to use or get used to it.

My one negative thing to say about Leatherman is that the metal clip attached to the actual tool is not very strong. Rather, if you are putting it in your pocket on a daily basis, you may be in danger of it falling out. This has happened to me in the past, most recently when I took a huge trash load in my Dad’s truck to the dump, and after returning home, found that the Leatherman was no longer in my pocket. Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough to use the belt loop that came with the Leatherman, but that’s my fault. My point – if I buy a Leatherman again, I will make sure that the clip is strong enough so that I actually have to give it some force to get it out of my pocket.

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The new Trampoline

Welcome to our blog, and thanks for visiting us at restoreequality2010.com! We will be adding reviews every now and then on what we think is cool, or what we buy for ourselves or our families.

Today, my new trampoline, which I’m a bit stoked about!

My daughter is 4 years old, so after seeing how she loves jumping on the trampoline whenever we go to a couple of our friends houses, we decided to buy her a small trampoline that would last her for at least a couple years. Our backyard isn’t very big (the lot we live on is about .2 acres), so we didn’t want a full size tramp to go on our small lawn in the back. We decided on the following trampoline in this video, which we found on Amazon. Note: This is not for adults to jump on, or at least the safety notes tell us that it’s smart for anyone over 80 lbs to not jump on it…

I’m not saying that I don’t step in this and play with my daughter a bit, but it’s surely not designed for that. Most of the time, I climb in with a broom just to clean all the leaves and other things that make it inside the safety enclosure. I weigh a good 140, my daughter goes about 45, so clearly it’s not meant for me.

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